Jeffrey Micheli
A Speculative Fiction Novel

Publisher Acceptance Review – MISSING – Kidnapping The Image Of God

Subject: Congratulations from Outskirts Press to Barry Carlos, Jeff Micheli Authors

Dear Barry & Jeff;

Thank you for submitting your work to Outskirts Press for evaluation. We are honored you have selected Outskirts Press. I am pleased to report that your book Missing: Kidnapping the Image of God has been accepted for publication through Outskirts Press. I want to be the first to congratulate you.

I would like to share my overall impression of your work: You are a very convincing writer. I have to say that it is obvious that you have done a significant amount planning and preparation in crafting your work. You have really considered your audience in your writing by adding details that add to the credibility of your writing. In your work, your narrative voice is just great – very familiar and easy to follow. Your characters are round and well developed and your plot so engaging. I have to say that you have written an excellent piece here. It looks to me like you have meticulously gone through your document revising and smoothing things out. It flows very nicely. It is one that should be well received by a wide audience.

We look forward to working with you on your book project. Congratulations again.


Lisa Conner

Manuscript Review TeamOutskirts Press, Inc.


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