Jeffrey Micheli
A Speculative Fiction Novel

The Authors And Their Music














LEXINGTON at the Canterbuy Inn

LEXINGTON at the Canterburry Inn


LEXINGTON opens for STEVIE WONDER at Winterland 1973

LEXINGTON opens for SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE in Seattle 1972

In the 1970’s, Barry Carlos needed a first rate trumpet player for his new Rock Band – Lexington. He received the names of twenty players from the Musicians union and for some unknown reason began calling them from the bottom of the list to the top. You guessed it; Jeff Micheli’s name was the last one on the list and the first one to audition. After Barry heard Jeff play, he cancelled all other auditions.

There began a close friendship that has spanned over three decades. During their years of touring with the band, they would spend hours after the gig drinking several cups of ‘Joe’ at the local coffee shop with their fellow musician, Mike ‘The Boneman’ Mirko, discussing the possibility of UFO’s and Aliens, the Spirituality of man and of course… music.

In 1998, Barry took a college writing class and for his final paper wrote a short story on the subject matter of this book. In the summer of that same year, he took the idea to Jeff and the two agreed to write the complete story. In 2009, after years of research, writing and editing, they felt that the first of two books on the subject was ready for publication.

ONTIC VIEWS is pleased to present this fascinating tale in hopes that it provides you, the reader, with an enjoyable read that radically stimulates your imagination. If you are a listener to ‘Coast to Coast AM with George Noory’ and interested in ‘Planet X’ you are going to love this book.




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