Jeffrey Micheli
A Speculative Fiction Novel

About Book

barrybookcoverfront2 barrys-back-cover5

What would you do if you came upon a book that revealed the solution to a centuries old mystery? What if the answer was so fantastic as to be almost unbelievable? Would you have the courage to act on this information knowing that your own life would be in immediate danger?

Kenny Wagner, a bookstore owner in New Orleans faces just such a dilemma when a stranger unexpectedly hands him ‘The Crossing’.

This book chronicles the history and true nature of the inhabitants of the so-called ‘Planet X’ and their ever-present covert relationship to the human race on earth.

‘MISSING – Kidnapping the Image of God’, captures the reader’s forgotten memories, creating an inseparable link to Wagner as he is thrust into a mysterious journey that spans and intersects both space and time. Coming full circle, the journey leads to a startling conclusion… Is the year 2012 the end of humanity, or mankind’s new beginning.


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